Saturday, December 3, 2011

the blessings of rain

saturday,,, greg and i slept in to the sound of rain,,, really slept in. when we finally headed out for breakfast around noon (or later) i slipped on this pinkish esprit raincoat that someone gave me.  in the pocket i found a ticket stub to the statue of liberty and then our adventure began... what's becoming one of our favorite little restaurants, julio's, kindly allowed us to order breakfast late at noon,,, oh it was THE BEST breakfast!  

greg and i were looking at dining room sets on-line last night and we knew the exact style we wanted for the new house. not in a million years did i think we could find it locally, but greg thought we should hit the furniture stores.  first one we went to - there it was! love at first sight!  we found THE PERFECT table with 6 chairs! we put half the money down.  rain comes with blessings for us.  it rained on our wedding day.  it always rains at least one day on our best vacations. :) it rained today, which is also so goooooood for the sod that was laid on our property this week. we really want our grass to take root! :)

very significant day for me - it's been exactly 3 months since my emergency hysterectomy and appendectomy. i asked my doctor to switch me to the vivelle-dot estrogen patch. 
it's much tougher shopping for hormones than it is for dining tables or christmas gifts,,,, lol!  
i applied my first patch today,,, i hope it's a good path, like everything else lately.

the wild land behind our house,,,, oh what a path!    

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