Sunday, January 29, 2012


out the back door,,,
to the left, our little house on the prairie,,,
lake lawtonka on the other side of the hill,,,
i'm fortunate to have this prairie vista all around me,,, 
i walk out the door and there it is,,, if i need 'nature' there it is.  
"we must go out and re-ally ourselves to nature every day. we must make root,
send out some little fibre at least, even every winter day. i am sensible that i am 
imbibing health when i open my mouth to the wind.
staying in the house breeds a sort of insanity always. 
every house in this sense, is a sort of hospital.
a night and a fornoon is as much confinement to those words 
as i can stand. i am aware that i recover some sanity, which i had lost ,
almost the instant that i come abroad. take long walks in stormy
weather or deep in snows in fields and woods, if you would keep your
spirits up. deal with brute nature. be cold and hungry and weary."

our cacti portrait :)  
heart-shaped cacti are everywhere. i brought some closer to the house. :)

  i made some clay plant holders.  i didn't make too many 
because  i want to see how these turn out after firing.  
herbs, grasses or dried flowers will look neat placed in them.  

sunday night dinner - i call this 'glory chili' and homemade sweet cornbread.

wishing everyone a good week ahead!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

rattlin' seeds!

I came across some type of dried plant along Medicine Creek today.
It sounded like a rattlesnake or a tambourine,,,
Dried Seeds!
A bunch of small dark seeds fell out the tattered ends of leaves when 
I turned over the stems.  I'm going to plant these mysterious seeds
in our yard and see what comes up :) 

"In her bottled up is a woman peppery as curry,
a yam of a woman of butter and brass,
compounded of acid and sweet like a pineapple,
like a handgrenade set to explode,
like goldenrod ready to bloom." (Marge Piercy)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

warm winter clouds

i walk zody around 7 every morning and i'm greeted by this beautiful vision 
outside the back door.  the oklahoma skies are the most magnificent i have
ever seen.  photos don't even need to be saturated.
even more dramatic,,, my husband's i-phone pic from the other evening.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I've been wanting to paint us as nesting dolls for some time now 
and finally got it out of my system.
I asked Greg what I should place in his hands for this identity portrait.
He said an apple for double-meaning.  He's a teacher and a Mac guy. :)
Here I am in the midst of some of my blue and lavender paintings,,, sure love these colors. 
Of course I had to place paintbrushes in my hands,,, and Zody loves to play ball.

"Having fun with our creativity makes us a better artist and a better person." -Gwen Fox

Saturday, January 21, 2012


it was time to make encaustic medium. my (sweet) husband usually makes this for me.  i had to dig out the formula:  for 5 pounds of beeswax, one pound of damar resin was added.  the tree resin helps to raise the wax's melting temperature and it hardens the surface once a work is cooled. i love how beeswax smells!  

A little about beeswax~
Beeswax is a byproduct of honey production. It makes wonderful lip balms, hand lotions, hand creams, & moisturizers. It’s used in cosmetics, wood finishes, waxes,  leather polishes, waterproofing products and dental molds. Beeswax also makes superior slow-burning candles.  And my favorite - it’s used for encaustic art!!

Beeswax is produced by the (female) worker honeybees. The wax is secreted from wax glands on the underside of the bee’s abdomen and is molded into six-sided cells which are filled with honey, then capped with more wax. When honey is harvested, the top layer of wax that covers the cells, the cappings, must be removed from each hexagon-shaped cell.

Bees use their wax to “glue” together the wooden frames in their hive, and that must be scraped off so the frames can be separated. The beeswax, which contains some honey, bee parts, and other impurities, must be melted and filtered or strained. 

Most beeswax is gold or yellow but can also be in shades of orange, brown, etc. The color of the wax is in most part determined by the type of plants the bees collect nectar from. Beeswax has a delightful, light fragrance of honey, flower nectar and pollen.
untitled encaustic

Too many of today’s artists have persuaded themselves that the grotesque is more expressive than the higher grace.  It is always easier to caricature than to reveal, to shout than to sing, to pretend than to be true.  - Richard Guggenheimer

Friday, January 20, 2012


"Zen Clouds" (photo)

untitled, encaustic
The beauty of art is beauty born of the spirit and born again." -GWF Hegel
I love blues! pinkish, lavender, peached,,, 
and the sky is always inspiring to me!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My studio is like a sunlit honeycomb!  I'm about all set up now to start
 my encasutic griddles back up. :)  I've missed the smell and all.

"It's about progress not perfection." Robyn O'Brien

Monday, January 16, 2012

salsa, eyes, car

Within 24 hours, I went salsa dancing, had my eyes tattooed and bought a new car!  Not a typical weekend for me. ha ha!  My sister Michelle and I went together for our lasik procedure almost 4 years ago.  Once again, we 'partnered in crime' and both went for a permanent eyeliner procedure.  This is still a 'before picture' of us at Las Margaritas, Friday night salsa party.  Right now our eyes are healing. I've got some swelling and itchiness. It should get better soon and I can share results.

"Find out who you are, and do it on purpose."  - Dolly Pardon 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

new car!

2012 Honda FIT

I bought a new car!!  I've been driving the same truck for 17 years, so this is well deserved.  I've been saving diligently the past three years so that I could make a nice down payment.  I love my new car already.  It's my kiss from God!

Monday, January 2, 2012

his and hers

Greg on the Seas!  (Key West/FL)

Sandra on the Rocks!  (Fredricksburg/TX)

Greg played with these 2011 vacation images on a new photo app.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginning Winds,,,

 New Years Eve Girls: Adalia (sis in law), Danaye (niece), Heike (friend), Michelle (sister) and me. 
I drank too much champagne last night. My hangover is about a three star and not a typical 
way for me to start the new year! ha!   I make a huge deal about a new year!
It's a new beginning - an exciting twelve month cycle about to start.  
2011 was epic for me.  In ART, I started working in ENCAUSTIC - a perfect fit for me! 
  In LOVE, it was our first year of marriage and Greg and I experienced so many blessings!   
We took some awesome vacations (Fredricksburg/TX and Miami and Key West/FL).
Most significant was the groundbreaking (in July) on our new HOME in Medicine Park!  
And we got to move in right before Christmas - it was like the biggest gift ever. :)
In HEALTH, I had the most dramatic experience in all my 43 years.  Everything was
haywire with my female reproductive parts - an abscess in the fallopian tube ruptured 
and spread to my abdomen.  I had an emergency pan-hysterectomy and appendectomy.
HORMONES became an important subject for me too. :) 
In NATURE, Oklahoma had record-breaking heat, drought and fires,,, 
and to top it off I experienced my first EARTHQUAKE (5.7) here!

It's lovely looking out of our back living room window,,, I love this hill - so far I've seen deer on the ridge. Crows sit in the Black Jack Oaks. And baby blue skies suspend pink cotton puff clouds. It's breath-taking.

 A picture from our walk this evening,,, We went around the hill, across the dam, into the cobbled town and back HOME.    

A last THOUGHT - We were enjoying 70 degree weather yesterday, when suddenly around 6:30pm 
a cold front came in with heavy north winds up to 50mph in certain areas.  It was loud, it stirred 
dust-devils of dead oak leaves. It was charged!  It felt prophetic - I stood on the studio balcony 
facing the wild wind with my arms up and said blow away all the chaff of 2011....