Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginning Winds,,,

 New Years Eve Girls: Adalia (sis in law), Danaye (niece), Heike (friend), Michelle (sister) and me. 
I drank too much champagne last night. My hangover is about a three star and not a typical 
way for me to start the new year! ha!   I make a huge deal about a new year!
It's a new beginning - an exciting twelve month cycle about to start.  
2011 was epic for me.  In ART, I started working in ENCAUSTIC - a perfect fit for me! 
  In LOVE, it was our first year of marriage and Greg and I experienced so many blessings!   
We took some awesome vacations (Fredricksburg/TX and Miami and Key West/FL).
Most significant was the groundbreaking (in July) on our new HOME in Medicine Park!  
And we got to move in right before Christmas - it was like the biggest gift ever. :)
In HEALTH, I had the most dramatic experience in all my 43 years.  Everything was
haywire with my female reproductive parts - an abscess in the fallopian tube ruptured 
and spread to my abdomen.  I had an emergency pan-hysterectomy and appendectomy.
HORMONES became an important subject for me too. :) 
In NATURE, Oklahoma had record-breaking heat, drought and fires,,, 
and to top it off I experienced my first EARTHQUAKE (5.7) here!

It's lovely looking out of our back living room window,,, I love this hill - so far I've seen deer on the ridge. Crows sit in the Black Jack Oaks. And baby blue skies suspend pink cotton puff clouds. It's breath-taking.

 A picture from our walk this evening,,, We went around the hill, across the dam, into the cobbled town and back HOME.    

A last THOUGHT - We were enjoying 70 degree weather yesterday, when suddenly around 6:30pm 
a cold front came in with heavy north winds up to 50mph in certain areas.  It was loud, it stirred 
dust-devils of dead oak leaves. It was charged!  It felt prophetic - I stood on the studio balcony 
facing the wild wind with my arms up and said blow away all the chaff of 2011....

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