Sunday, February 12, 2012


'arrival'  (encaustic on pine)          

the studio is a spectacular mess right now,,, i started a very large encaustic piece and i plan to take
my time with it.  i haven't been titling my abstracts, but i immediately knew this little one above should be called "arrival".  i embedded little seeds that i collected from a worn bloom into the wax. 

i've been reading a beautiful poetry book, Ireland's Love Poems and this seems so fitting,,,

'a touch'
(by michael longley)

she is the touch of pink
on crab apple blossom
and hawthorn, and she melts
frostflowers with her finger.

six days ago i painted him, and today he arrived!

my husband saw him first, so i ran for my camera. :) 
i adjusted the seed bell for him - i realized it needed to to be higher. 

"true art, like nature, ever bears
suggestions of some higher thing.
as more than form or tint or bird
we prize the song he stops to sing."
-edith willis lim forbes

Wishing everyone a beautiful, loving week!

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