Sunday, February 26, 2012


untitled, encaustic on mahogany

4" x  8" mini diptych

the electrician came out on friday and put my studio electricity on another circuit, which fixed my problem with the heat gun tripping the switch.  i'm still working on my large piece, but made this smaller diptych in the process. the large one is very physical and challenging.  my favorite self quote is "they don't call it artWORK for nothing!"  it's work; it's pleasure too, but mental and physical work.  

i don't like to title my abstracts.  i want the viewer to think, or connect something to it (if that's important). my play is with color and shape/form and then the art can speak or sing, or tease or fool.  my husband said this piece was psychadelic - i thought of floating confetti (afterwards).  

i started working with encaustic in january 2011, thanks to my husband, greg's, christmas gift - the encaustic started kit.  since then, i've made my own colors, collected tons of tin cans, bought many different hake brushes.  greg and i make the encaustic medium - it usually takes many hours to melt several pounds of beeswax with damar resin.  it's involved and complicated.  right now i've got oil paints squeezed onto paper towels to saturate out the oil, later i'll add the pigment to my tins of encaustic medium. 

it's a whole lot easier and cleaner to pull out the watercolors. ha!  or papercuts, or,,, some other media, or to bake or bird-watch. :)  

"all things are difficult before they are easy." -thomas fuller

"i think that one's art is a growth inside one.  i do not think one can explain growth.  it is silent and subtle. one does not keep digging up the plant to see how it grows." -emily carr 

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