Wednesday, February 29, 2012


sweet zody
foxy boy!
my chihuahua doesn't like wearing 'clothes' and i think it's silly to dress him unless it's really cold out.  i really liked this harness jacket though and i think zody looks kinda spiffy cool in it!

stones and leaves
i've been seeing a lot of neatly painted stones on various web-sites.  so i thought i'd give it a try - i used acrylics and plan to paint more, more, more.  there are many prairie flowers and grasses i'd like to 'record' on these rocks.   i also think these would make neat gifts.  

nature is not a place to visit, it is home. -hfn

take a hike

wisdom on my studio window,,,


  1. Zody does indeed look quite smart in that jacket! Am I really the first follower here, what an honor! I love the grasses in the former post, grasses are so amazing, as I'm sure you appreciate living where you do!
    And your stones look great, love the oak leaf one. Do you have a good place to canoe once you get one?

  2. thank you so much valerianna. so nice to meet you and share our love of nature and art, pets and all. :) we do,,, have a large lake very close by. i can carry the canoe to it.