Saturday, February 18, 2012

now, later, saturday

greg made this path from the back~steps through our wild yard to connect beyond with the (empty) ponds and prairie hill,,,  this is winter, things look dead, but they're really not.  there's so much LIFE beneath the surface that we can't see.  it's FAITH.  i have a vision of bright wildflowers and mixed grasses and green leaves on the oaks. until that burst of color comes though, i'll enjoy the tonals,,, the browns, greys and every shade of granite rock. :)   

miniature still

these skeletal flower stalks reminded me of star~bursts!  i wonder what (if any) color they will be?  and will they bloom in spring or later in the summer?  i can't wait to see the transformation on 'prairie hill' where the wind breathes on skeletons and seeds have long been scattered, , , 

  (the clay turtle family is about the size of a thumb. i made them a couple of years ago.)

precious book
   when i checked out this book, the librarian smiled and said she read it and loved it.  so far midway through, i'm smiling and loving it too.  i recommend it highly. 

 it's cold and grey out, and rain is just teasing us. 
  indoors it's cozy ~ with candle~light, hot tea, books, good food and movies.
for light-hearted romantic comedy, i recommend Larry Crown  and Zookeeper

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. -J. Gardner

i hope everyone is having a nice weekend. :)

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