Saturday, February 4, 2012

polar plunge!

i substituted for children's art studio today. the classroom was full
of thirty-one little 3rd &4th graders ready to make some art. i love these
teeny people with their fun approach to creating! each kid is so unique.

(also gave me a chance to wear "goldie" - a necklace made of gourd pieces,
beads, and more by a local artist named peggy.)

blue fish
a student prepares his armature for a papier mache fish!

frozen greg
and!!! my hubby and i jumped into frigid waters today. we are hooked! 
it's our second time at the annual medicine park polar plunge.
we forgot our thermos of hot jasmine tea on the kitchen counter, 
but it's so nice to just live two minutes from this lake! we are
counting down the days already for the next jump. 
it's quite exhilarating and addictive.

i think every daring jump adds a year to my life!

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