Tuesday, February 21, 2012


doubled were his days, (mixed media)
under a grey sky, (mixed media)
i got a 4 page hand-written letter from a friend today!  it started "Dear Lady Sandra," and got better and better. :)  i love hand-written letters, notes, cards and postcards and stamps,,, but i don't like the price of stamps these days.  i like other communication too - blogs, texts and e-mails (as long as they are not forwarded junk, ha!). 

a text between me and hubby today:

me:  I have a donut for my dear.
he:  Ha. Neat. I have a forsythia for my dear.
me: Oh dear!!!!! You topped me one!

sweet little somethings during our day. :)    about the forsythia. . . we're getting started on our  landscaping. greg got some knock out roses too, and we're waiting for our weeping blue atlas cedar!  of course i have a whole list of things i'd like.

Spring is nature's love-letter.

i know i'm jumping the gun!  i'm just so ready! :)

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