Monday, March 26, 2012

44th and a rattler

i'm an aries - i love to climb on rocks
my 44th birthday today - on a beautiful, sunny spring day - i'm happy, healthy and loved. what more?  well, a rattlesnake sang happy birthday to me. lol.  greg and i were taking pictures on a different rock when a rattler underneath warned us that it was perturbed. wow! we scat!!
my honey was not feeling well today.  but some fresh air never hurt anyone.

they're majestic - and i never take for granted that i can gaze at them,
less than a mile away, at the wichita mountain wildlife refuge.
he's got a dirty face and horns!

i received some thoughtful gifts from my husband - one being the latest book 
on oklahoma wildflowers! it's quite awesome.

picked myself a yellow & violet b-day bouquet, roots included,,, 
compliments of prairie hill.

i grew up in germany, and i remember the simple birthday gifts we gave 
each other when we were children.  my favorite from a neighboring friend,,,
 a bundle of 'forget-me-nots' and a bar of chocolate. 

flowers (and chocolate) still make me happy! :)

"ram" (linocut)
"she thinks her path has to be a beautiful one." 
-the aries woman

i thank God, my creator and lover for life and peace.

now i'm going to blow the shofar into the starry night 
and call it a good day and night.

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