Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Body of Boulders

the photo
the pastel
It belongs to me
God told me
If I painted it enough
I could have it.
-Georgia O'Keeffe

This body of boulders was magnificent. I'll never find it again - 
it was so far out in the Wildlife Refuge... balancing for ages,,, 


  1. Cool thing to find on a walk! Are you taking a class?

  2. This was actually from a pastel class two! years ago. I came across some of my favorite pictures of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge today. :) Pastel is not my favorite cup of tea.

  3. Not a fan of working with pastel's either. I didn't mention yesterday that I had a really visceral response to your piece cause I'd just watced 127 hours about the guy who gets trapped by a boulder in the Utah desert - intense. So, your humble and beautiful boulders took me to Utah. Intersting what our associations do to the story of an image....

  4. I saw that INTENSE movie as well...! There are some helicopter rescues off the Wichita Mts. - especially when the temps are 113 in the summer. Nature is very wild & harsh in certain places. :)