Thursday, March 22, 2012

Medicine Bluffs

Medicine Man's Walk

We went to the Medicine Bluffs today. This historic landmark is in the Ft. Sill military base and located at the eastern end of the Wichita Mountains.  It was noted, described, and explored by all early expeditions and was held in deep reverence by the Indian tribes of this area from time immemorial. The four continuous bluffs form a picturesque crescent a mile in length - the result of an ancient cataclysm in which half of a rock dome was raised along a crack or fault.

A rock cairn erected by medicine men on its summit was still standing when Fort Sill was founded. Here the sick were brought to be healed or disposed of by the Great Spirit, young braves fasted in lonely vigils seeking visions of the supernatural, and warriors presented their shields to the rising sun for power. Legends say that this was also a famous place for Indian suicides. The huge fissure between bluffs no. 2 and 3 was known as the “Medicine Man’s Walk.”  
I feel a certain awe when I'm in this place - not only for it natural beauty but for its history as well.  When I saw the bird with spread wings overlooking the bluff - it was a symbol of strength and sacredness to me... . 


  1. Wow, that last photo of the bird is amazing. Is it a Vulture...@ I can surely ƒeel the sacredness here. My question mark went away when I spilled jo on the keyboard, along with quite a few other letters. :(

  2. I think it was a hawk. But imagine scanning the bluff's horizon and seeing it - reminded me of a Native American chief somewhat. This is sacred ground to natives and I feel the same. :) This is also where legend says Geronimo jumped. His grave is nearby.