Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snakes & Books

I painted this fairly large stone today - my Celtic homage to the rattlesnake!
It's raining and chilly this weekend - last weekend the lizards were out. That can only mean
"other" reptiles are coming out for spring.  By "other" I mean rattlesnakes!  I have a super,
healthy respect for them.  Actually, I fear them.  I think too much about them - but living
in the midst of their land I have to.  The other night a huge tarantula crawled on our front porch 
and  it creeped out my husband. I love the tarantulas - but the snakes,,,  
I looked up from the dining table where I was painting the stone and was raptured by this 
view.  I told my husband that one day we may see a buffalo walk across that field. We live
right next to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge - home to many bison.
Yay!  Annual book-sale weekend.  Found many cool books!  Especially this one!
Cookbooks! Cooking with honey! Wildflowers! Herbs! John Muir! Emily Carr!
Cowboy and Country Wisdom! Dr. Suess-isms! Birds! Snakes! Inspiration! 

"I liked the look of the country.  Everything seemed to be wild. So I decided
 to be wild myself."  -Caswell McDowell

"The cowboy goes to school of nature."  -W.S. James

"If you can't do it with a little, you can't do it with a lot."  -"Kid" Marley

"Yer dern tootin'!" -Gabby Hayes

from the book of Cowboy Wisdom

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