Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring makes up for winter.

 early, foggy morning on "prairie hill." our house is the white one on the right. i live in prairie paradise.

 the field is decked with "blue star." everywhere stars,,,

i found this interesting.

  a new flower is appearing - it's small and delicate.  i haven't identified it yet.

this is the "western wall flower."  it's abundant right now.

the other day i was visiting with my neighbor and she told me about her brother who had been a tree expert - he was 6 when he knew what he wanted to do with his life and he ended up traveling all over the world because of his knowledge.  my neighbor pointed to a tree in my front yard and shared that it's roots had been exposed when our house was being constructed.  see, several post oaks had to be cleared; but many more remained.  i'm grateful for every tree still standing. i love these hardy oaks!   my neighbor, jed, learned from her brother that a tree dies within 1-5 years once its roots have been exposed. i hope our tree lives for many years to come.  today i was sitting at a different angle, close to it  and noticed something amazing in the trunk.  wow!

this beetle was irked with me - it released some chemical funk on my hand - 
but that's what i get for touching it.
and do you see the master of camoflauge?      

(here he is) one of the biggest catterpillars i have ever seen!  
 did you know that lavender and green are nature's lovers?
in my book, spring makes up for winter. :)


  1. Definitely a beatutiful, prairie paradise. That unidentified flower looks a lot like a guara to me... though I can't really tell which stems go with it and which with the other flower in the shot. Such amazing wildflowers, it must be breathtaking every time you see a new flower!

    1. You are right Val. That's a Gaura! I looked it up. Yup, I'm wild for wildflowers. :) Hope you've had a good weekend.

    2. Beautiful photos Sandra -- and I love the "heart" in the tree. What paradise your life lives in...

  2. Lovely, lovely...

    One of my trees had it's roots, on one side, exposed by a nasty, irresponsible contractor a couple of years ago...I thought she was a goner then...She seems well enough since the incidence but now I worry...Her loss would be so sad. Trees are scarce in this downtown area. I've planted a crab apple and rowan in my tiny backyard but they will remain pretty small compared to the old maple...

    {and on and on I go...Your post inspires many words...}