Sunday, April 29, 2012

altar, flower offerings

we had beautiful rain this morning ~so, i like to go to this rock on the east side of prairie hill because i know it fills with blessed rainwater ~ i like to sprinkle it on my head.  today i filled the natural basin with the beautiful wildflowers.  an altar ~ an offering ~ a reminder that God clothes the flowers of the field ~ he feeds the birds of the air and he takes care of his people.

"beauty is an ecstacy; it is as simple as hunger. 
there is really nothing to be said about it."
 - W.S. Maugham
 'sensitive briar' is abundant on the prairie fields now.
 the monarchs like the 'prairie parsley.'
cutleaf daisy
oklahoma is blanketed in yellow - mostly this is "sneezeweed."
it doesn't make you sneeze! 
God bless your week.


  1. Love your offering! And that sensitive briar is really cool!!

  2. I've been scrolling through your vibrant and gorgeous pics. Wow, that Lake Lawtonka and Prairie Hill! You are fortunate to live near such beauty! And I think your alter is cool, too. Here's to our prairies!!!

  3. Here's to the prairies!! :) I dug roots here and it makes my heart bloom!
    I hope your 'springs' are beautiful too, Val and Prairiegirl!