Monday, April 30, 2012

blue bird

greg & I were watching these tiny blue birds in our post oaks yesterday.
 they were too fast for my camera, but did not escape my sumi-e impression!

big ole wish!
 we're having a huge thunderstorm on our prairie tonight.
 it's romantic so long it doesn't get out of hand.

how's the weather behaving in your area?


  1. Quite calm here for a change. It was summer, then two days ago it snowed, and now its warm again. I see the cottonwoods are sharing their fluff, it's all over my yard. And the birds, birds, birds! Oh, and your bluebird is lovely.

  2. Your 'neck of the prairie' sounds lovely!! Yes, the birds and butterflies and bugs are active - mating and making temporary families...
    I think my bluebird may be the 'eastern bluebird',,, i'm trying to identify it still - also hoping that they're making nests in my trees. :)