Monday, April 9, 2012

Brown and Yellow

I got a photo of ,,,,

Oklahoma Brown Tarantula by its burrow.
the very large tarantula at Lot #1.  I found out that they line the entrance of their homes with webbing to detect passing prey!  I may bring a grasshopper treat one night....  

I get excited when I find a new flower (or weed) on Prairie Hill!  Isn't it pretty?  I have yet to identify it.  I made a watercolor sketch of it tonight - the 37th flower in my journal series.  I hope to have several hundred flowers when I'm finished.  I have ideas for exhibiting - but this is a year-long project.  Many more models will crop up on the SW Oklahoma prairie - my backyard.  
Hm, and I haven't decided if I want to drive around the state looking for blooms in other areas...  :)   

Indian Blanket
If Bluebonnets are identified with Texas, the Indian Blanket is the wildflower favorite of Oklahoma.  It's also known as the Firewheel or Sun Dance. It thrives here in the heat.
I'm still confused whether the Rose or Mistletoe is the official state flower?
 Some say the Indian Blanket is the one. It gets my vote.

There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains 
     of nature - the assurance that dawn comes after night, and 
     spring after the winter.
                                                                                   - Rachel Carson

I hope your week is starting off with peace and beauty...


  1. Wow, that Indian Blanket is really stunning!

    And so is the tarantula, but in a very different way...