Saturday, April 7, 2012

hairy mother to be and more flowers

on tuesday i discovered this tarantula hole - i looked in and saw her scurrying around. 
i've been intrigued ever since. on wednesday i went back and she had spun a web over the top.
 i poked around (regretfully). on thursday she was sitting on top of her hole - 
i was too slow with the camera and she quickly scurried inside. 
on friday, nothing. 
but today,,,
  she spun another web. i'm starting to suspect she's going to have babies. 
i left her a little flower bouquet to say sorry for destroying her web earlier in the week, 
and also to say congratulations on the babies,,, 
i will keep coming back to see the activity at tarantula lot #1.

tarantula lot #2

i found another one.  this one is in the midst of heavy brush and grass - i may not even find it again.  i got lucky on this photo - i was actually taking pictures of flowers when i noticed the gorgeous oklahoma brown tarantula and to the right, her home!

and now some flowers.  this is called "goat's beard" - it's starting to crop up here and there.
isn't it beautiful?

"ohio spiderwort" is abundant now.

 "garlic meadow" was one of the first blooms of spring - it's still thriving and 
the butterflies have gone wild for it.  

"ragwort" is abundant too.  i just love these names - 
and thanks to my identification books i can keep up with them. :) 

one of the funnier names - "scrambled eggs" 
can you see why? 

the frogs like them. :)

here i am on the outside of the living room window.
  i love the reflection of "prairie hill" -
i could also see my husband doing dishes in the kitchen
and my dog looking at me.

happy easter!


  1. Happy Easter to you!

    Wow. Tarantulas, hun? The biggest "outdoor" insect here is the size of your thumbnail...This is so interesting to me, the hole, the web...I didn't even think about where eggs were laid...

    Look at all the green! I love your window too. And the photo of you...

    1. Thank you AnDee! These spiders could eat a frog. They are actually shy and gentle.

  2. those tarantulas are so cool! I'd love to see some in the wild.

    happy easter to you too. :)

    1. Brooke - They can have up to 250 babies! Wouldn't that be a sight. :)!