Monday, April 23, 2012


Bean Tree

Bearded Tongue w/unk purple
Looking at Prairie Hill
Wild Sage in my Medicine Pouch.
Sand Verbena
Unk. Purple
Indian Paintbrush

Gregg's Buttercup
Golden Indigo in the Wildlife Refuge

Silhouette in an antique poetry book - reminded me of myself and Zody.
Sleepy Little Boy
Prairie Hill end of April...
Three days-worth of pictures, mostly flowers.  
A miracle happened - Molly, the missing dog from Friday returned on Sunday.  
She was locked in a garage for two days - we thought the worst - a snake got her. 
 Jed calls her dog 'Unsinkable Molly'  Molly is 12 and Jed the owner/my neighbor
 is a robust 90.  I love them both - they are unsinkable!  
I don't know what got me - but I had a stomach bug on Sunday. 
 I started feeling better then Zody seemed to have a tummy ache. 
Lot's of nature walks help!  We are on the mend.

Wishing everyone a great week.

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