Friday, April 20, 2012


 a future monarch,,,
i had lots of pictures and things i wanted to share, but this friday night turned out a little different. 
my neighbor's dog disappeared - so the neighborhood men went in search of molly, the missing one
 and jed and i went to the police station (which was closed in our little town).  
we walked around again then night fell and we went inside her house and had tea and talked 
about possible scenarios with molly. jed thought coyotes got her  - i don't think so, 
we both thought a possible snake bite,,, i hope not. 
there's still hope that molly will make it back home.  at sunrise i'm going back out to look for her. 

wish you a restful weekend. hope i have good news about molly tomorrow.


  1. Oh, heartwrenching... it happens up this way, too. Bobcat, coyote, mountain lion and sometimes we hear wolves. Critters go missing, and its hard.

  2. V - Living out in the country, wild or nature has its dangers. Molly reappeared though - she was accidentally locked-up in a garage. Good thing we weren't in 114 degree summer.