Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zody and I

This is my baby, Zody. I had to take him to the vet today - he's been wheezing and restless for a couple of weeks.  His lungs had some congestion and lymph glands were swollen on the neck.  
He got a steroid and an antibiotic shot and will be on antibiotics for a little while.
 Sometimes we just need a little medicine with our TLC.
I went on top of Prairie Hill in the direction of where I saw a huge turkey tonight 
(unfortunately I was too slow with my camera) and it disappeared out of sight. 
 I carry Zody through the high grass.  I don't trust snakes and there are a lot of 
cacti everywhere.  When snakes become very active and the mixed prairie grasses 
grow even higher I will have to avoid this and stick to the trails 
(which are also overgrown, lol).
 In spite of some stressful situations today - it was a peaceful evening.  
This picture of a "Yellow Indian Paintbrush" captured the mood of Prairie Hill - 
a subtle and beautiful spring eve.

Wishing you peace and health wherever you are,,,

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