Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boston and Maine

boston harbor at dusk
the old saying is true - you need another vacation after vacation.  i'm trying to get back into my routine!
  so tonight, i've made my first cup of lemon monarda tea harvested from my prairie...
and its time to share some vacation pictures of boston and maine. 

 grave rubbing for my journal

decoration on a gravestone
we went to the granary burying ground where some famous historical figures are buried -
such as john hancock, samuel adams and paul revere.

spring time in boston
the weather was wonderful! we took the t-rail everywhere and then walked everywhere.

boston terrier and great dane
these buddies were sitting outside a coffee shop on beacon hill
patiently waiting for their master.

'paul revere' by john singleton copley
greg looking at 'watson & the shark' by copley
 we really enjoyed the boston museum of fine art - my favorites 
were the Copleys, Sargents and Monets.  there was also an
excellent alex katz exhibit. he's in his mid 80's now and still painting!

'the daughters of edward darley boit' by sargent
standing in front of this john singer sargent painting was pretty amazing!  
i've only seen it in books,,, and now 'in person' with the actual 
japanese vases included. the family took these vases back and forth
 with them to paris and america.

'madonna and child with angel' by sandro boticelli
we were 'floored' by the isabella stewart-gardner museum!  
it's probably one of the most beautiful museums in the world,,, 
the most opulent,,,  and most 'well-stocked' with famous paintings/artists. (period.)
i had the most magical moment when i saw my first
sandro boticelli painting in person!  this was a dream come true!
he's one of my top favorite artists and the museum had three of his works.
 no pictures whatsoever were allowed.  thanks to the internet though 
i can share these exquisite images

'the nativity'

i will try to finish up the trip pics tomorrow night.

blessed night....



  1. Cool! Glad you made it to the Gardner, I thought that, as an artist, you'd love it!

  2. V - I had no clue!! makes sense now,,, all these years in my art history books and other artist books, the images of Sargent, Rembrandt, Boticelli,,, and many more were listed with the ISG Museum! To have seen them in person was amazing. The BFA included!! Regretfully, I did not find the gallery you mentioned on Newbury with your artwork - that would have been just as cool. :)