Sunday, May 20, 2012

Final Travelogue

At Harvard University, Cambridge

Harvard Bookstore 

We actually got to see this Rembrandt (Self-Portrait at 23) 
at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

USS Constitution
Sitting on the Harbor

Long Island Head Lighthouse
I love lighthouses and wanted to get much closer to this one but those tours start next month.

Sweet Buttered Lobster!
 The trip would not have been complete without a good lobster!

My Travel Journal
I'm finishing up my Boston/Maine travel journal and getting caught up on my wildflowers back home on the prairie.  We had a wonderful trip up north,,, when we returned back southwest (home), I immediately appreciated the stars over us,,,, and the next morning, 
waking up to a pink sunrise.  I'm so adapted to Oklahoma.  

It's lightly raining on and off this morning and the birds are singing or screeching. 
It's peaceful ,,,and the Prairie Hill is about to burst with pale purple thistles everywhere. 
I have so many new nature pictures to share in the coming days - 
it's grand beauty around here.  

Where we love is home.
Home that our feet may leave -
but not our hearts.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

A close up,,, Beacon Hill, Boston


  1. I'm a tad homesick! Luckily, if it continues, I can shoot up the Mass Pike and be in Boston in two hours.... and see my crazy sister who has a place in Maine and dives right in.

    Lovely photos, I want to go away now!

  2. what a cute picture of you on the harbor. there it is- the lobster. i knew you indulged in one so delectible! i'd say you got your fill of culture on this trip!