Tuesday, May 1, 2012

gifts of nature

last night's rainstorm seemed to cleanse the atmosphere,
  and the dawn was a beautiful mix of blues,,, 

this spider was the same pale green color
 as the hymenopappus flower!

this simple bouquet consists of prairie flax (yellow)
 blue-eyed grass (indigo) 
and the beautiful 'wine cup'
also known as the cowboy's rose.

i ordered this amazing little book!  there are 435 exquisite bird plates within!!!
  a miniature feast for the eyes!  if you're a bird-lover you have to have this - 
you can find it on amazon.

and this mini courrier & ives plate is my very first 'blog giveaway.' 
i just have to keep spring for myself~ my favorite season ;)
i gave winter to a friend,,,
but summer and autumn will go to my blogging/nature-loving friends.
i will pick 2 random names the old fashioned way this weekend.
leave a comment with your favorite season.... 

"the face of nature reflects all of life's ups and downs." 
-fortune cookie


  1. Oh, autumn for sure... my birthday season. But its not because of that that I love it, its because autumn in Massachusetts is truly something! Lovely spider. Heading over to amazong to see about that book!

  2. Val - we are going to visit MA soon. My first time ever that far north and east. :)I can only imagine the beautiful colors there in autumn!