Wednesday, May 23, 2012

nature treat

ever feel like this?
or beautiful like this?
wow, a smiling cat or a moth?  (Catocala promissa)
babies to protect

oh come wind,,,

hide and seek
sweet nectar

how much is a bird in the hand worth?
it felt pretty special when a wee hummingbird flew into our garage - he was trying to fly out the glass window,,, greg saw him and released him back outside. so glad i got my camera. :)

i have the worst case of chiggers - it can make you go mad, seriously. my legs are covered from bottom to hips. i went to the doctor yesterday and got a steroid shot and i'm on a cortisteroid pack.  been washing with lye soap. this is day three and my legs feel raw - like i've been whipped with thorny stems.  chiggers feel like fire and itch at the same time.  i'm a little mad at 'prairie hill' right now - that's where i'm sure i got this.  but i did not take proper precautions.  it's always good to use bug spray (natural home made my choice) and bathe after being out in tall grass.  i hope to catch up on some sleep now.  i can't stand to be in the heat or in the sun - it makes it excruiating. i'll live,, i'll learn. in the meantime, hope you enjoy these 'nature treats'...

"all of nature reflects life's ups and downs." - fortune cookie


  1. Beautiful as usual... sorry you're still suffering...ugh. Hope it ends SOOON!

  2. Wonderful series...
    That bird!

    {a rhyme we snickered at as kids comes to mind...Running through the grass scratching my...}
    Tsk! Tsk!

    I hope you feel better soon.
    I've never heard of this affliction before...Thank you for the reminder to be conscientious!

    Sleep well Sandra.

  3. I've not heard of it either! Yikes. Long pants next time, yah? Don't be mad at th' prairie! Look at all those wonders you photographed!! All amazing, but i just cant get over the colors of that butterfly! Thank you for taking these pics. Made my day.