Friday, May 4, 2012

oklahoma brown - tara

over a month ago i discovered this tarantula.  i'll call her 'tara' - she's a female (big and hairy). don't laugh but another way to supposedly tell males/females apart.....
"females will have larger and wider mouths than males, who have thin mouths." ha!

 whenever i walk the east side of 'prairie hill,' i look in on her.  often there's a  web over the hole so she can catch prey.  other times i can see her moving around below.  today she was out and sitting on the rock furniture that i arranged for her some time back.  

on two other occasions i've found some tarantula body parts outside the hole - not sure what that was about.  i have the fangs and now that i think about it, i put a leg piece in my pants pocket the other day and forgot about it,,, lol.

look tara grabbed the flower i dropped down!   

but she headed back underground,,,
she let me get a few pictures of her today. tara's never been aggressive, but rather shy. 
i want to enjoy the sight of her as long as i can...

 happy weekend -- hope you make great discoveries.


  1. Your blog makes me happy...
    Thank you.

  2. I am so glad to make you smile AnDee!

  3. How cool, you checking in on tara now and then. what an awesome and interesting little creature. good for you!