Saturday, May 19, 2012

Train to Maine

greg walking on the beach
painting on the beach

salt water taffy!
the pier

We took a train to Maine (one week ago....).  From Boston it was only a two hour train ride to Old Orchard Beach.  The water was freezing cold of course,,, but the weather was perfect. We really enjoyed the roar of the ocean,,, and walking the sandy shore.   

But more wonderful than the lore of old men 
and the lore of books
 is the secret lore of the ocean. 
 - HP Lovecraft


  1. Oh yes... well, the water is NEVER warm in Maine!! I can hardly swim there, but my sister is one of those people who run right in no matter what the temperature.. brrrrr.

    And I used to live right down the road from the cemetary where Lovecraft's grave is... it was a bit of a shrine.

  2. Strolling the beach, roaring waves, seagulls and watercolors. Did you enjoy some famous Maine lobster, too? It's fun to go somewhere so different than where you live. I bet you're glad to see your ol' prairie again.

  3. Val - I could feel the icy-cold of the Atlantic shoot up my feet to the brain. We have been swimming in our Medicine Creek since early May! I saw a woman dive in and right back out. It may have been your sister,,,, ;)

    PG- I had Hadock in Maine and Lobster in Boston. :) Yum! Love me some seafood. I missed the prairie,,, We have been so fortunate with rain this spring - it's especially blooming and lush with wild things. :)