Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#90 and more

the other day i was out walking the east side of Prairie Hill and something caught 
my eye from a distance!  flower #90 in my wildflower adventures! 
 i've been searching my books and have not identified it yet.  

just look at this bloom! it seems too exotic to be growing on the prairie!
it's a large flower (no fragrance) on a low creeping vine.
i have to find out what it is!!!

we've had three days of consistent rain!  it's been marvelous.
we've been collecting and spreading Indian Blanket seeds throughout our wild property.
i'll share a little more on that later.  i'm just thrilled at our june rain!  good for our sowing.
also, the pond below is filling up and the frogs are on extra loud - 
we think they should keep quiet, don't they know the snakes are out?  

sweet  june rain
 the oklahoma brown (male) tarantulas are on their evening walks 
the same time we are lately. lol.  we cross paths peaceably.
yesterday i came upon one that drowned. :(
here's a sketch,,,
male oklahoma brown
  i buried him in my special garden plot.

this was one of the biggest males i've seen yet.  
my chihuahua freaked him out. ha! 

must share a few other flowers...
 "wild petunia"
these are very fragile...

"gregg's buttercup"
one of my favorites!

 "clammy weed"
so clammy weed snuck its way into my special garden plot,,, i'm thrilled!  :)  
has a peppery scent!

"evening night shade"
last week, my sister and i went to dallas and on the drive back to oklahoma we stopped in bowie, texas where i found evening night shades growing on the side of a road... i could not believe my luck, but that same evening i found it growing on a trail near the house!!  

home and garden and dog,,,
one last thing.  i had a huge craving for peanut-butter cookies tonight 
and found a great & simple recipe!  only three ingredients...

1 cup of peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)
1 cup of sugar (i used pure cane)
1 egg

mix and drop spoonfuls onto baking sheet.
bake for 8-10 minutes on 350.

fast, simple & delicious!

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  1. Interesting flower... at first I thought of a petunia, but then saw that it grows on a vine... hmmmm. Hope you'll let us know when you figure it out!