Monday, June 4, 2012

encaustic and sailing

a triplet of mini encaustics. i created six pieces on saturday.  
these three are my favorite. :)
there is such peace,,,

i experimented - dyed some papers with golden coreopsis - and it turned a beautiful yellow!

mt. scott and lake lawtonka
i like living near lake lawtonka.  on saturday we had a great sail.  greg cleaned the new 15' potter.
it sat in the boat dock unsailed for way too many years. finally, it's getting some tlc and sailing action now.  we're thinking about calling this one 'lil henri.'  i know boats are supposed to have girl names but i think we should break the rule!  (we're naming it after henry david thoreau).

lazy skipper
my hot captain!

summer in oklahoma = 4 months of sailing and swimming. we love it!

untitled encautic/inspired by water.

here's to a great week!

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