Monday, June 11, 2012

Medicine Creek

 here's where we swam tonight ~ ~ ~ 
i even sat under the falls and got a massage compliments of nature. 
 i needed it - i'm feeling a little stressed.  
 monday madness at work and i'm just busy in general.    
things will balance again.

 and along the banks of our medicine creek i find 'pitcher's clematis.'
i adore this wildflower!

hope you have a good week! :)


  1. ooooo.... that's a great flower, and a place to swim, oh my!

  2. Medicine creek is good medicine for you! A waterfall massage from good ol mother nature. Isn't water just so soothing, whether you are lucky to have it pounding your shoulders, or just swimming laps (which is what I do when I can). I too have been non-stop and it doesn't feel good. (darn those jobs!). I adore the guinea fowl by the way. How cool they originate from africa and now you have them! I hope the rest of your week treats you kindly, and you give thanks for that most beautiful place you call home. OK!