Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two Hats

"Vintage Sisters," Watercolor Monoprint
"Sailors' Wives"
"My hat is bigger than your hat, Robin."  "Yes, Sandra, but mine has cool beads!"

The other day we were preparing to sail when another 'sailing couple' 
showed up and,,, Robin wore a big-brimmed white hat similar to mine!
 It was too funny - we had to snap a picture.
Well, during the sail the wind blew my fancy hat right into the lake . :(
I was ready to dive in after it but Greg said to stay put 
and he chased it down with the sailboat.
I had one second to snatch it back out of the water. :)
We're 'water cowboys' now.

Anyway, the photo of me and Robin made me think of a watercolor print 
that I created based on two vintage dolls for sale at a flea-market.

Potato Vine
"Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special."
Margo Nickel

1 comment:

  1. I too wear a wide brimmed straw hat. SO prairie, you know.
    I also wore one when we got married on a sailboat. It blew off, and instead of retrieving it, I let Lake Superior keep it. You two look like you're ready for the kentucky derby! Ha!