Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wildflower Update

I'm at the midway point of the wildflower portraits - a little over a hundred painted. 
And I can actually catch up on a few that I'm behind on because whoaw is it 
summer hot now (107!).  Flower production has slowed tremendously.:)

I love all these flowers - and I have many favorites.
Some grew abundantly.  
Others were sparse.
I only found a singular bloom on a few.

I treasure the Venus Looking Glass because Greg found it on a long hike. 
He carried it all the way back for me because he wasn't sure if 
I had one in my collection yet. I did not.
The bloom was even in perfect shape - all 18".

Basket Flower Seeds
I've been collecting lots of seeds. 
Some for planting - some for embedding into wax art.
Been playing with/studying these seeds.
They're all different and interesting.

I've also been noticing the abundant mixed prairie grasses! 
This may be next year's journal project - or birds - not sure yet. :)

Smooth 4 O' Clock
Prairie Cone Flower
"Men say they know many things;
But lo! they have taken wings-
The arts and sciences,
And a thousand appliances;
The wind that blows 
Is all that anybody knows."
Henri David Thoreau,Walden


  1. Your watercolor wildflower collection is unbelievable! Still cant get over the many, many types of flowers and grasses that grow in your "backyard". It's close to 100 here too. If only we had a drizzle to accompany it. The prairie grass-sage bundle, wee chair, and indian blanket...mucho gracias. PS the I.B. seeds, those I can plant, right?

  2. Thank you for the kind comments. :) Prairiegirl - Try panting those seeds,,, see what happens. :)