Monday, July 9, 2012

Handsome Blazing Star

another gift from nature. :)
i shall add it to my oklahoma collection.

meet the Handsome Blazing Star.

 i found the first few long stems growing in my own wild backyard a few days ago. 
 so this weekend i decided to check the flowers (and bison & rocks) in the wildlife refuge. 
to my delight i found a huge patch of these lovely wild flowers. 
they are super drought resistant.

the prairie contains perfect beauty.

summer means breeding season for the bison.
 the bull on the right was licking the female cow's butt! 
yup, that is 'courtship.'  
i didn't see any fighting but it can get pretty tense among the males during this time.

the bison are looking strong and healthy this year! 
just look at this gorgeous animal!!!

i had to visit one of my favorite rock formations.
i call him "Native Fish."
do you see him in the center?
to me it looks like a native american profile with a fish scale body...

i wish the water would rise for him.

and here's Heart Rock
 i can't describe how amazing and magical this huge rock is!
and it sits on this massive rock wall!
in a separate post, one day, i will share the legend of Heart Rock. :)

and one final image,,, 
it rained this evening.
it was bliss... fresh air, sounds of frogs, crickets, birds, 
peace in the studio and home.

-sara moss wolfe


  1. OH MY! The blazing star is a treasure! Stunning! I've not gone out to Yellowstone yet this year,so the buffalo pics were a joy to see. They do look healthy. :-) And of course, only you would find such a rock!

  2. Beautiful creatures and land. That rock face is amazing, I saw and eagle-man. Glad for rain, we need it sorely, too!