Saturday, August 4, 2012

A glimpse of New Orleans!

french quarter
greg showing off his sweat
musicians everywhere

jackson square and the st. louis cathedral
i went with a blue one!

new orleans!  my first visit and my first impressions:
loved the energy of this big city with rich roots and culture. 
big attitudes but friendly! the food wasn't as good as i
anticipated. our best (and cheapest)  meal was a pizza
at a sports bar. but the cafe au lait and beignets were terrific!
the rats were bigger than oklahoma prairie dogs - 
especially those living close to cafe du monde. :) 
good pralines. 
we walked, we sweat, we blistered. we drank lots of water,
and little alcohol.  the strawberry daquiri tasted like a 
slushy from a convenience store.  
tried a strawberry covington beer -
a very interesting brew.
the audubon butterfly garden and insectarium was spectacular!
enjoyed the art galleries and shops.
it rained on the last night. enjoyed a full-moon throughout.
felt energy from the mighty mississippi river.
beautiful oaks, magnolia and palm trees.
oh the cemeteries were creepy cool!

the mississippi
"old man river"
 "A man with a Past
Arms reach empty-handed,
God to a city in love
with water."
robert schoen, sculptor

and more pictures tomorrow. i'm finishing up 
a little travel journal today and catching up on home. :)

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