Thursday, August 16, 2012

beginning of the end of summer

i love summer time,,, and i'm feeling that tinge,,, the beginning of the end of summer,,, 
mornings and evenings are cooler instead of blazing hot.  it's a nice change - 
especially for comfortable walking and hiking. 
 i'm swimming every day - trying to get all i can out of medicine creek and its warmth. 

above is a picture of lake lawtonka this evening - it's just on the other side of prairie hill.
i walked down to the west to explore... and discovered amidst the dried up prairie parsley 
and basket flowers the late summer bloom - 'leavenworth's eryngo' or 'rattlesnake master.' 

the season feels good. the skies have been beautiful lately and i seem to be shedding
some summer laziness and getting active and eating better.  i got new hiking shoes,,,
been breaking them in all week just walking around the trails at the home-front. 
a long hike is planned this weekend.  i got a bicycle helmet too,,, 
preparing to take my pretty blue cruiser bike on the road.

being physical and strong feels good.
taking care of my spirit feels good.
i've been clearing my art studio.
it all makes sense.
and this was a good sign tonight.
clinging to the top of our front door -
a huge, male oklahoma brown tarantula.
i haven't seen one since june it seems. 
he's a survivor. :) 

beauty ~ grace ~ strength ~ health 
be yours.


  1. So nice! Swimming is the best! I love summer, but autumn is my favorite season somehow. I like the smell in the air and feel energized by it :)

  2. Sounds like you're doing some "end o' summer" cleaning...not only your studio, but your spirit and soul. Maybe you could share a photo of you and your cruiser! I'm a cruiser fan! Yay for no gears! (good exercise). Your prairie is turning into fall like colors. It's beautiful. Heres to a peaceful weekend.