Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dog Run Hollow Hike

our hike started at 6:30 a.m. - it was dark but turned bright quickly.
 my hiking companion, helen, selected a 4 hour trail on the 
'dog run hollow' trail system.  this would bring us back before
it got too hot.  helen is very knowledgeable about the 
wichita mountain wildlife refuge, she leads several tours
 throughout the year.
  we went through a 'ragweed forest'!  many people are allergic
 to it.  i love how it smells and thankfully i'm not allergic to any plants.
this trail lead us through various mixed prairie fields, by lakes, dried creeks,
over dams, through boulders and post oak forests.
my sketch of a unique tree form.

today's hike was good for me - physically and mentally.
this week had its good and bad so a dose of nature was
 medicine to my soul.

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  1. Wonderful place... we've been having intense thunderstorms, in a way, though I couldn't be out, its been my very needed doese of nature medicine!