Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elk Mountain Hike (Rattlesnake Included)

 Hiking on Elk Mountain
Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge
Bush clover, (grows Aug.-Oct.)

Slender day flower
Deer on the ridge.
Perfect niche for a Hackberry Tree.
Helen between the rocks.
Granite Beauty
Young Diamond Back Rattlesnake
Ohhh, we encountered a rattlesnake. It blended in so well and lay so flat that I passed right by it!
Helen yelped and jumped back when she saw it. It never moved and the rattler was curled underneath it.
Cedar Remains
Resting Spot
We could see "Apple & Pear" below us,,, further down is the Valley of Boulders.
A small nature ampitheatre!

I spy a cairn!
Other side - I want to get to that cairn!
I like finding other people's cairns on trails (or off trail). Whoever put this one together was quite
the climber. The boulders were way huge and smooth.  Not sure how they got up there,,,, 

Natural Bridge
Me on the Arch.
Violet wood sorrell (blooms twice a year) 
Curly cup gum weed

Leavensworth eryngo  
This was a wonderful hike! Several new flowers to add to the watercolor collection too. :)

"Hiking is just walking where it's ok to pee."
-Demetri Martin


  1. All these rocks look so fascinating. I habe never seen a rattlesnake in real :)

  2. That looks like my kind of place to hike! Wish I had gone along with you and Helen. Build a cairn. Admire a rattler. Sigh at the deer. Smell a flower. What a great Monday morning it is! Thanks for sharing.