Monday, August 6, 2012

Insectarium (New Orleans)

would these not make beautiful fabric designs for dresses?

the audubon butterfly garden and insectarium in new orleans was amazing! 
 i love bugs!  i love their beautiful colors and intricate patterns.
 this place was full of specimens from around the globe. simply exquisite. 

i have a small native bug (& butterfly collection). 
i would grab it along with my jewelry box if a fire came.
greg actually mentioned "the bug box under the bed"
when we made our fire evacuation wish list.

comical.  in the face of serious stuff. :)   

what things would you take if you knew a fire was coming?
(if you had some warning time that is.....)

many years ago a neighbor burned down his apt right next to mine.
he pounded on my door and yelled for me to call 911.
i called, grabbed my cat and truck keys and ran out.
i sat across the street and watched the firemen put the flames out.
my apt only had the smell of smoke for a while - no other damage thankfully.


  1. For the "just in case of fire" i'd grab my cats, ipad and Ugg boots! You must have felt right at home at that insect museum! Ha! Great pics.

  2. I love bugs too, though not enough to save them from a house fire! ;)

    I would save in order. Cat, iMac {photos}, Pink Bear {and Donkey because they are sitting side by side. I think that is why he stays there...Pink Bear farts! Ha...}, me.

    I am sleep deprived. My defence.
    {loving this series!}

  3. Prairie Girl - You reminded me that I NEED to add my cowboy boots to the evacuation wish list! ;)

    Dee- Hope you have caught up on sleep. ;) I have my childhood Mickey Mouse that would definitely survive another "valley" with me. :)

    Hello Frank!

    Wide-Eyed-Tree - You are inspiring me to make bug and get well stamps! :)