Monday, August 20, 2012

Mount Scott

we went (drove) up mt. scott last evening. we can kinda see our house below,,,
between lake lawtonka and lake elmer thomas and to the left of hwy 49. 
i can see 'prairie hill' too.

 it looks like this on the west side of the mountain.
you can see more of the wichita mt. range and
  some of the rugged beauty of 59,000 acre wildlife refuge. 
i've roamed all over this range ~
 i've experienced so much 
in this sacred place.

on the north side of the mountain there's a river of rocks!  is this not amazing!?!
it's so powerful and stunning! 

mt. scott from the neighborhood
i love my permanent neighbor to the west.  
ancient, powerful and mysterious.
"society speaks and all men listen,
mountains speak and wise men listen."
-john muir

do you have a favorite mountain range?
how do you feel about mountains and boulders/rocks?


  1. You look cute tucked in that overstuffed rock chair! And that river of rocks. It does look like there should be water rolling down through that! I wonder if ever it had water in it? You live in such an amazing place. I thought I had the most interesting terrain, but now, I'm not so sure! It's all good. I'm a big fan of coulees and hoodoos, rocks, canyons and cliffs.

  2. Wow, definitley amazing, that river of rocks!

  3. I like when the clouds make a pattern in the landscape!