Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my husband

my husband created my new banner.  he's so wonderful!
the thousand little things he does add up to the moon. :)
he encourages me and makes me laugh.
we've designed a beautiful home together and
love peace and play in our relationship.
we both love water - and enjoy swimming
and sailing. we love summer and heat and so
we never fight about the temperature in our home
because we both like being warm.
we are both german (well i'm half german and 
then a mix of irish/english/seminole ;).
  we cook together, 
but he washes all the dishes.  :)
he composes music and i create art.
when it's time to make more encaustic medium,
he patiently melts the wax and damar resin for hours.
today i got a ticket for not coming to a complete
stop and he offered to pay for it. 
he is so patient with me.
i could go on and on,,, but gosh,
he is an awesome husband and friend.

here's to greg!

oklahoma prairie
santa fe, nm
south beach, miami


  1. Wow. You found yourself a jewel! I can tell by his eyes, he has a good soul. So supportive and encouraging in your art and life. What a perfect match. He got lucky, too! I bet he knows that. That picture of you guys on the prairie, well, that's just the most romantic and genuine shot ever. Here's to ya, Greg!

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully, supportive relationship... you are blessed!