Sunday, August 12, 2012

nature metaphors and signs

me. now.

look what i found!

finally some rain
fence lizard molting
nature my mirror

it's been a week. a turning point. change on several realms.
there was rain and fire earlier in the week,,, yes, it's possible in that order. 
the extreme temps broke somewhat this weekend. 
hey, 98 degrees feels cool here.
i'm a summer-lover, but i revel in the "indian summer"
season that's about to arrive.  

i'm also coming on something significant ~
my one "year anniversary" of life-saving surgery.
it was an ordeal that God brought me through.

i'm celebrating life every day.
i'm still working on 'not sweating the small stuff'
and not being so serious.
but it seems i can't help who i am. maybe.

yesterday's hike 'broke' something off me.
what i mean is something lazy, holding me down.
i realized i'm strong and fearless.

i have also been reflecting on
what's wood, hay and stubble in my life?
let it burn away.

let the important things remain.

molting is intensely felt.
i'm growing into something bigger and better though.

a new season has arrived.

"when you blame others, you give up your power to change."
-r. anthony

"change always comes bearing gifts."
-p. pritchard
is anyone else feeling a molt in their life?


  1. Beautiful post, Sandra.... There has been a LOT going on this week for many that I know. We all just returned from a Women Healers Gathering that was quite intense... so this week women are having a hard time re-integrating from the magic that was shared there. Maybe its larger than us, maybe more universal changes and shifts going on. Blessings on your path, and all that you shed and are shedding a year out.

  2. V - feeling all this makes me even feel that others are on this path,,,
    i agree, its large and shifts are coming on a grand-scale,, preparing our souls is necessary.
    oh, i bet your gathering was wonderful!
    i'm shedding and i like it - i've been watching the fence lizards molt and their new colors are so bright and beautiful!

  3. Sandra, Molt On sister! You're glowing. Molting looks good on you. The ups and downs and turnarounds of life, we all have our share. You are on the right path, I sense your strength and calmness, a sort of peace and contentment in your renewal. I hope it rains for you again, today. And then...a rainbow. xo

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Lynn! Guess what? It's raining TODAY, and it's such a gentle shower. :) xo