Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Orleans II

a visit to a cemetery a few blocks from the french quarter.

we also checked out city park with its huge twisted oaks. 

view of north new orleans (lake pontchartrain) 

landing in dallas - notice the heart island in the lake!
 oklahoma - notice the smoke in the distance!
while it was 93 in new orleans it was 113 in oklahoma.
yes, it's hot everywhere. it's humid/hot in louisiana -
but it's broiling hot here. the body is not made for triple digit heat.  
we received a letter from the mayor and fire chief of medicine park
admonishing residents to have an evacuation kit ready
in case another fire evacuation was necessary for the town.
last year, a fire raged through medicine park - our house 
was just on the verge of being built...

the letter said we were in extreme fire hazard conditions now. 
so, greg and i started a list of items that we would like to grab and throw
 in our cars, if time permitted. we'd like to take as much artwork as
possible. :) i have journals that are very dear to me. lots of little travel
journals,,, precious little keepsakes.

 a few pages from the newest travel journal.

in my next post, i'd like share all about the
audubon butterfly garden and insectarium -
that was one of the hilights of the trip for me.  :)

a good week to all!!


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  1. You are sweltering! I'm sorry it's been so hot there on your prairie. Pray for rain, for you and for me! Your Nawlins' trip sounds fun. You really know how to explore places you visit. Can't wait to hear about and see the butterflies! Keep cool you two.