Sunday, August 26, 2012

rain in the altar


early morning i headed to my special "altar rock"
on the east side of prairie hill.

i like to go there after a good rain
because i know the basin is full of a blessing
so i sprinkle my head and soul 
and i feel grateful to God for 
this refreshing...

zody shows altar rock and kneeling stone.... :)

 one more thing, i got these earrings at the apache rattlesnake fest
a few years ago and never wore them. i think they'd look better
as necklaces. i'd like to give one away to a friend. 
any comment great or small and you may be wearing
a dream~catcher around your neck soon. :)

love and peace and blessing
to your new week.


  1. Wow! These pictures are amazing! Perfect! In my childhood when I was at my grandmother's there was a forest with many rocks and there was also one with a hole where always was water in it. It was very special!

  2. That altar and kneeling stone is truly beautiful! And every time I see Zody now I think of him with a butt hanging out of his mouth!
    What a riot!

  3. I think rocks are as beautiful as diamonds or any other gem.... :)
    Zody is a good side kick - and I am ever vigilant over any prairie predator... ;) snake, vulture or tick!