Sunday, September 23, 2012

a visit from a collard lizard

Male Collard Lizard
i must share on the flute fest/artwalk in my next post. it was wonderful.
i even splurged and bought a natural flute made of a sunflower stalk!
it's absolutely amazing.  anyway, i have been so busy cleaning or
 either just enjoying some time with my hubby today that i haven't had
 a chance to sort through my thoughts and pictures on yesterday's event.

a quick pic though of a beautiful visitor in our wild backyard today.
oh, we deserved this creature of beauty after all the scorpions and
spiders and centipedes we have to put up with!   

it was 96 today so this male Oklahoma Collard Lizard was enjoying
the second day of fall in summer-like weather. :)

i wish you a great week!


  1. oh wow!!! this lizard is absolutely amazing!!!

  2. He's the most beautiful of turquoise and greens! You're lucky to have been able to see and quickly snap a shot of him, as I bet they are fast to scurry! Can't wait to hear about your day at the flute fest and to get a glimpse of that flute from the stalk! Have yourself a beauty of a day

  3. I know those colors! Greg spotted him all the way from our bedroom window and told me to hurry up and see. I grabbed my camera and ran out & tried to get as close as I could. The Collard lizard looks like a mini dragon when it runs! I should try to get a video the next time.