Monday, September 3, 2012

Crab Eyes Hike

Started out at 7am and enjoyed the sounds of bugling elks.
Destination Crab Eyes on Twin Rocks
Wood sorrel
Juxtaposition of textures!
"The Moon in Crab Eyes"
This is such an amazing rock formation!!
Helen boldering.
Last year's fires burned trees and vegetation in this area.  Weeds rise from the ashes though...
Another Ragweed Forest!
 Bloom and berries so pretty!
Unidentified flower,,,but making a point how tall they grow.
Are you playing hide n' seek? asked Helen

He was not amused,,, but practiced tolerance.
Greg checking out an old mine. Old timers blasted for gold in the early 1900's.
Quartz in the granite made them dig for gold...
Spider Hammock...
Headed back to the Trail Head.


  1. Amazing place... love the 'crab eyes!" and the spider hammock. I've got an amazing spider doing her thing on my living room window. Just caught a glimpse of her today when I finally sprayed the window clean. Didn't realize she was hiding under the top of the window frame. I missed her, luckily. I'm heading out tomorrow to see if I can get a photo of her. Large orb weaver spider, beautiful.

    1. Oh, I hope to see a pic of the spider,,,, :)