Monday, September 24, 2012

Flute Fest/Art Walk

Medicine Park's Fourth Annual Flute Fest and Art Walk

Myron Beeson, Native American Artist and Flutist

Flutes from Fallen Branch
One of those flutes above was calling my name!
So, I splurged and treated myself to the beautiful sunflower stalk -
it has such a lovely sound. :)  I just need to practice more. ha!
Perhaps next year I can display art and play the flute as well!

Here's a little more info about Fallen Branch and the beautiful natural flutes 
they craft from tree branches and flower stalks.

Having an ice cream with my sis.

Origami Bird Earrings

Whimsy Owls

I sold a lot of earrings, one encaustic piece and traded art with another artist. 
I was pleasantly surprised at how much the ladies liked the origami birds.

Here is a little write-up on me...

Setting up my humble space on the Plantation porch.
Catherine Prose, Scissor tails
 I have to share the amazing silk screen now hanging on my living room wall. 
Cat and I have been talking about a trade for a while and we were finally
 in the same place and time. :)  Cat's art really 'speaks' to me! 
(The scissor tail is Oklahoma's state bird.)

 And here's my sunflower flute at home on the prairie with me.
It's perfect.


  1. Wow, that's so cool to have a sunflower flute! I have a cedar flute and love it. I've always wanted a double or tripple flute, Myron Beeson's had a beautiful sound. Sounds like you did really well at the Art Walk - great!

    1. V - Old John Suttles/aka "The Ozark Guru" had several cedar flutes. There was one that Greg really liked,,, it was a branch struck by lightning - it was close to $300 though! Yikes.

    2. Wow, a branch hit by lightening... "they" say that wood hit by lightening has intense energy/medicine. Probably meant for a medicine man or woman to use for healing, but sounds amazing!

      And, just thought the universe might be suggesting you go for an Indian Summer sail as my robot word was
      Sailtamm - sail time?

    3. Wow! Thank you so much. That is so interesting about energy/healing from the lightning strike! Maybe I will start saving for next year's flute. Greg needs one. ;) I just adore that you said that about sailtamm!! We were just saying tonight how we would like to sail. The last few days have been very windy though.
      I love the wind though, V. I love it so much. That's pure energy here. :)
      (p.s. I wonder how I could remove the robot captcha? I don't want anyone to have to bother with it!)

    4. You can go to your settings page and set the comments to have that robot thing or not... you can set it to moderation setting so you decide what comments can go - meaning that you can moderate any spam, which does come after a while! The robt words are getting way out of control, in my opinion - blurry and hard to see! I reset my comments to moderation.

  2. That flute IS the most perfect of flutes! Perfect compliment to your prairie. Are you thinking of growing giant sunflowers next year? I think you should! (then, maybe make a flute or two!). I'm not surprised you sold a lot. Love your style. SCORE on the silkscreen! Yeah!

    1. I would love giant sunflowers in my yard! However, I don't think I would start making flutes. ha! (I saw on-line that there are also corn stalk flutes!) I was definitely drawn to the sunflower flute - love was there. :) I asked Greg to compose some prairie pieces for me. I'm already thinking of an elk song... :)