Sunday, September 2, 2012

oh life is good

Medicine Creek Fauna
another perfect day!
sailing AND swimming
and TWO pieces of pie,,,

oh life is good.

sailing with friends
Two loves:  husband and chocolate ice cream with a heart.

Big hike planned for tomorrow ~
 A very special day for me ~
Celebrating one year
since my emergency surgery.
Last year at this time I laid on a death bead.
I've been thinking about it a lot.

God my Father sent an angel in the form of 
an amazing surgeon,,,
I painted this for Dr. Lepp 
"Sentinel over a Soul"


  1. Beautiful painting for Dr. Lepp... I can't imagine the intensity - emergency surgery and now, a year out, what must that be like. I see that you are living your days with gratitude and beauty and love. (and spreading it!) I wonder how you have changed through this?

    1. I felt like I went through a lot of personal pruning in a good way. Also my husband and I were just coming on 1 year of marriage - it made us go through one of the worst things together. I had peace from God though that everything would be ok. The hospital made some mistakes - and sent me home twice - when I showed up to ER again ,,, the right doctor was called in and she was God's healing angel. :)

    2. wow... sent home TWICE! Yikes... Thanks be to Drs and Angels!