Monday, September 10, 2012

Salt Plains and Selenite (Jet/Oklahoma)

The plains are 7 miles long and 3 miles wide.

 We went on a roadtrip Saturday to check out the
 Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge
 in North Central Oklahoma!

The barren landscape of the Great Salt Plains
 is comprised of salt left over from an ocean that 
covered Oklahoma in prehistoric times.

This place was amazing!

The refuge allows digging for selenite crystals from April - October.

Let the diggin' begin!
Greg works; Zody supervises. :)
Selenite is a crystalized form of gypsum. On the Salt Plains, 
the crystals are formed just below the salt encrusted surface. 
 Iron oxide in the soil gives the crystals their chocolate brown color.

Our collection - cleaned and sorted!
Oklahoma is the only place in the world where the 'hour-glass' shaped
crystals are formed.  We also found a few clusters and penetrating twins.

Aren't they cool?

(In my next post I'll finish up the trip pics - 
we explored the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge
trails and lake.  I also added a couple of new wildflowers 
to my watercolor collection :)


  1. Yes, cool! I have an enormous piece of selenite... but white. These are so earthy, like that.

  2. At first I thought Greg had a raven sitting atop his head! I was so excited!!! But no, it was a shovel, fooling with my eyes. What an extraordinary day! I love going on adventures with you. More please! xo

  3. So earthy :). It was so much fun getting dirty and digging for them. :)

    And it does look like a raven on Greg's head. ha! That would have been a story!!