Saturday, September 1, 2012

The last tasty morsels of summer.

My domino cactus bloomed over night!
 Yay!!  A nice centerpiece for our table today -
Dear friends are coming to visit.
 We're going to check out some of the bands
 at our local Medicine Park Mayor's Blues Ball,,,

Anticipating the day ~
fun times
local pizza
homemade margarita pie
full moon 

Lately it feels like I'm partaking of
the last tasty morsels of summer.  :)  

Wide Eyed Tree is the new owner of this dreamcatcher necklace.
Valerianna is receiving something special as well. :)

I'm thankful for all the encouraging and kind messages
that I receive on my posts.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

This is a VERY special one for me
more on that later,,,


  1. Oh, goodness... a surprise, what fun! And that cactus flower is amazing... Hope your time last night was great!!

  2. V - Hope you're having a great weekend too. :) The cactus bloom gave its all and then pooped- but I think more blooms are coming.