Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bison Auction

i attended the bison auction at the wichita mountain wildlife refuge. 
 loving these animals,,, i wanted to experience an auction -
take a few pics, make a few sketches. 
 i had a heavy heart, but on my way to the corrals
 i saw several herds roaming or laying in the sunny prairie grasses.
they were the 'lucky' ones.  and i was comforted by the
sight of their freedom and contentment. 
the auction is necessary to maintain a proper number 
of animals within the confines of the refuge. 
some of my quick sketches.
i had to draw as fast the auctioneer could speak! ha!

the atmosphere was good.
 think i'll try to attend these annually. 
but in the meantime i'm going to enjoy the bison
that roam freely throughout the refuge.

oh yes, one more thing....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Four Canyon Preserve/Oklahoma

this blog continues with my trip to the west oklahoma grasslands.
early saturday morning, my friend helen & i headed northward from our campsite 
 to meet up with a group to hike in the 'four canyon preserve.'

we completed a four mile trek through beautiful red dirt canyons
and mixed prairie grasses. 

i was even visited by a little heart in my chocolate energy bar!

a little more info on the preserve:


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

october 23rd

two years ago we tied the knot! 
this is one of my favorite wedding pictures,,,
greg's ring dropped to the floor!
i was so nervous that i thought i dropped it. 
but nope, the preacher fumbled,,,
we're trying hard not to laugh and continue with our vows. 

"With this Ring" by Andrea Barrett
i found the perfect photo for greg from a blogging friend...

 my anniversary necklace - butterfly wings framed.

and my anniversary butterfly (same one as the necklace). 
last year i got a blue morpho.
now i have two in my collection.  :)

we went out for italian food and i made tiramisu dessert.

~ life and love is sweet. ~

Monday, October 22, 2012

Black Kettle National Grasslands

 On Friday afternoon, my friend Helen and I headed to the western portion of 
Oklahoma (bordering Texas) into the Black Kettle National Grasslands. Several weeks
ago we made our reservations to hike with a group in the Four Canyon Preserve -
even further northwest. We chose a campsite near Cheyenne and pitched a tent next to 
Dead Warrior Lake. We saw evidence of drought and early freezes on the vegetation in
 the area.  It's a mixed grass prairie region - lots of tall grasses. I enjoy when the grass
is much taller than me. :) And one of my favorite nature sounds is when the wind 
blows through it - and rattles each blade like an invisible note. 

Helen looks at our camp plot,,,

I'm in sage medicine,,,
Not a falling leaf, but a katydid came to visit,,,
Swainson's hawk
Reading by flashlight,,,
It was warm, sunny and peaceful at the campsite.
The sunset was spectacular but vanished swiftly,,,
it traded places with the next celestial beings -
a crescent moon and multitude of stars. 

It got cold at night! I was cocooned in my sleeping bag and 
wearing two pair of pants, 3 shirts and 3 pair of socks. ha! 
It seemed I could hear semi-trucks on the distant highway all night.
There were a few coyote calls. Which if you follow my blog, you know that
I get to enjoy them at home on SW Oklahoma prairie from my bedroom window.

We had to rise early the next morning to drive north to the nature preserve....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Break Roadtrip (Dallas/Ft. Worth)

big sculpture (and me!) in front of museum
 on thursday we went to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
to see the Lucian Freud Portraits exhibit.  it was amazing...

tickets and program to the lucian freud exhibit
 pics weren't allowed of course. but there was a collection of approx 
90 paintings on display (spanning over 70 years of his career). 

 my thoughts:

"he had the paint power to make a plain man in a grey suit look
 like the most interesting thing in the world."   


"letting my eyes journey through his brushwork was like going through a lush landscape."

 Lucian Freud (1922-2011)

next, we headed to Dallas to the Texas State Fair

 Big Tex has been the Texas State Fair icon since 1952. 
he was celebrating his 60th birthday then went up in a blaze! 
no joke, we saw him then the next day he made 
national news by going up in smoke. ha!
it was so weird to see the pics of him on fire on friday!!


the Chinese Lantern Festival was wonderful.  too bad we didn't get to see it in the dark.

Art Deco sculpture at the fair park
another view
we had a great time, until i got sick and miserable,
(oh boy! heat, bad food and not hydrated enough was a recipe for disaster.)
i was stressing then because i was due to go on a camping trip the next day! 
i had to try to re-coup fast. wasn't easy, but i made it to my long awaited
camp & hike in the west oklahoma grasslands.

i'll share all about it in my next posts! 

i hope you've had a good weekend.
we are having a true Indian Summer here. 
it's more than wonderful. :)